Animal protection

All the horses for your hackney cab journey are in an excellent physical and emotional state of health. You are fed with the best products and spend her “leisure time” in small peaceable groups on the string.   Cab companies are submitted regularly to an undeclared control concerning the valid protection of animals regulations by the veterinarian office of Vienna. Controls in the stands are carried out constantly possibly once weekly, with outside temperatures from more than 30°C, daily. By offence against legal regulations the necessary measures are taken by the office veterinarians. Thus the possibility insists that cab horses can be taken for health reasons by office veterinarians from the driving service. This is also carried out over and over again in the occasion case. Afterwards veterinary findings must be transmitted to the authority. The Viennese cab and horse hired car law intends currently that the company is permitted by cab enterprise of harnessing the horses up to her Abschirren in the time of 10-23 H. Bringing up on the stands is regulated in the Betriebsordung for cab and horse hired car enterprise or is limited. The protection of animals law intends that horses must rest within 24 H at least 8 hours continuously. The concern of many animal friends, cabs in future any more in the city do not separate, e.g., only more in Schönbrunn to give up, is not moveable. To remove this old Viennese tradition from the city centre is a hardly moveable aim. Still will take care the MA60 furthermore that it comes here for positive solutions. May be marked, that with observed mismanagement the veterinarian office round-the-clock under the phone number of the Tierschutz-Helpline: (01) 4000-8060 is accessible. Here announcements are accepted under information of the cab number and are worked on. Also support and suggestions which can lead to an improvement of the situation for cab horses are always welcome in the above phone number.